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What is this Blog?

Living Autism is a place where the lived experience of Autism matters. I wanted to share my own thoughts, knowledge and strategies to manage life with ASD. You can learn more about my motivations here: About this Blog/ Website


Who is the Author?

I am just a woman who got a late diagnosis of autism, and learning this really helped me understand myself so much better! There’s lots more to me than my diagnosis, and you can read my whole story here: Author Info


What to read First?

To learn about Autism, definitely read: What is Autism? and Diagnostic Criteria


How do I Find posts?

Use the “topics menu” to the right (scroll up), and select the area you most want to know more about, or check out the TAG CLOUD to see if any of those words inspire you to read more.


Where are the Best posts?

The visitor-rated most loved posts are shown to the right (scroll for “Popular Reads”), but my personal favourites are:


How to contact the Author?

Drop a comment in any of the posts. I’m currently seeking out a better form of Hellos, but for now, this is it! 🙂